Trash and Recycling Services

Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste
Leabrooke Master HOA uses Constable Sanitation for their trash, recycling and yard waste services.  Residents can access more information about these services by visiting the LeaBrooke Constable Sanitation site here.  If you need to contact the vendor because your home was missed for service, you have an issue with a cart or have any other questions, please visit their site  by clicking here.
Yard waste services are offered year round to homeowners.  Please note, yard waste needs to either be placed in the brown yard waste compost bags or bundled together in 3 foot x 3 foot bundles. The bundles need to be tied together with twine or duct tape so that a trash hauler can lift the bundle arm’s length away from their chest and place it into the truck. Please remember that our weight limit is 30 pounds per bundle/bag.    
There is a large item pick-up offered by Constable Sanitation to residents on the first Friday every month.  You can click here to visit their site an learn more about this service.
The holiday schedules with the most current information on when services can be expected can be viewed by clicking here.
Glass Recycling
LeaBrooke Master HOA has a contract through KC Curbside Glass.  Each resident is entitled to a blue cart supplied by the vendor.  This service happens every other Friday.  Please have your tote out by 7:00 AM on the Friday of the scheduled service.  If you would like to be added to their reminder list or need to contact the vendor, please visit their site by clicking here.